Financial Control 4 Lawyers

Unfortunately too-few law schools and too-few CLE programs seek to equip us as law students and later as practicing lawyers, with the business management skills needed to manage the finances of our own law firms. Certainly not to attend to this critical law firm management task objectively. So instead of feeling the same sense of self-confidence and control we enjoy when dealing with our clients’ legal matters, when it comes to the financial management of our own law firms, too-many otherwise smart & sophisticated lawyers end-up making important law practice management decisions based on incomplete information and fear.

Why in the world would a multi-million dollar company ever want to hire a solo?

This week for our monthly Gold Call I interviewed the president of a $3mm company that manages over $30mm of its clients' money. The question I posed to him was "Why in the world would a muti-million dollar company ever want to hire a solo lawyer?"

Million Dollar Law Firm Marketing Lesson

Alright in this short video below I'm going to teach you a very important law firm marketing lesson. This is a million-dollar law firm marketing lesson. I've use this lesson to help sell tens of millions of dollars of legal services. So pay attention.