You can't handle the truth...

Yes my friends, the time is approaching when you're going to have to choose a side... I'm writing this to you at 36,000 feet jamming out to Led Zeplin IV "Going To California". It's being streamed to me on Pandora via Go-Go-Inflight into my Bose noise-cancelling headphones. We're aboard American Airlines flight 271 enroute to Los Angeles. It's quite surreal. The stewardess just offered us chocolate ice cream. I'm headed to L.A. with Ale passed-out and in a nearly-fully-recliend position in the window seat beside me. We're headed West for a meeting with MY OWN COACH. And in my ongoing effort to assure you that THERE IS PLENTY OF MONEY OUT THERE I'm reporting that yet-again, first class is sold out. That's 14 seats plus mine & Ale reclined next to me. I so sincerely wish for each and every one of you, even if we've never met, that you could participate or even just observe a Mastermind with me and come to fully appreciate that it really is your choice whether not you choose to continue participating in the "recession".