The connection between our patron saint & your iolta trust account

Note: This is taken from a discussion over at Suggest you check it out if what you read below sparks your interest. The connection between our Patron Saint and our IOLTA account is that Moore was known to be so committed to his aspirations that he would occasionally self-flagellant. That is, in an effort to demonstrate his commitment he would physically harm himself.

Law Firm Marketing Lessons From The Patron Saint of Lawyers

The more things change, the more they stay the same (no punn intended). We can learn alot about the modern practice of law from our Patron Saint Sir Thomas More (Beatified1886, Rome by Pope Leo XIII). Nowadays most solo lawyers and lawyers who own small law firms tend to feel isolated. Maybe it's because they don't realize that throughout history solo lawyers have always been and for reasons discussed below I believe always will be in the vast majority of lawyers in the World. Certainly that has been the case here in the U.S.

IOTA Trust Account Tips That Will MAKE YOU MONEY!

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