My "No Assholes" Policy Is There To Protect You AND Me...

NOTE FROM RJON: I originally shared this lesson only on our private discussion forum. Then some of our Members encouraged me to share it with a wider audience - our Members are a very generous group! And then some of the things I received in emails and in responses told me I'd really struck an important and positive chord. With several "You MUST Share This With The World!" type of admonitions. So here it is. Remember, there's SO MUCH business out there that we can and should all be happy lawyers who make more money! I hope the below lesson gives you some important things to think about over the weekend. Maybe even the courage to take action on something today! ~ RR

A lawyer's guide to getting "un-stuck"

As lawyers we're all pretty smart. But as a group we tend to have a hard time making decisons. Of course a big part of running any kind of a successful business (a law firm is a business) mastering the ability to make decisions. The problem is, our education ham-strings us when it comes to making decisions.

Napoleon Hill Tells Us Of The Power Of The Master-Mind Principle

It's not a coincidence that throughout history from biblical times and today, the most successful human beings on the planet have all drawn power from the "master-mind".