# 1 Reason Lawyers Should NOT Use E-mail Or Have A Website

Believe it or not I used to hear this alot as recently as just 6 years ago when I was a Practice Management Advisor with The Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service.  Part of my job when I was not out in the field doing onsite marketing & management consultations or doing seminars, was to field  some of the 9,000 calls we received each year to the small firm management & marketing help desk. So I spoke to ALOT of lawyers.  And as recently as late 1999 and early 2000 it was still fairly common to still get some questions we’d all probably laugh at today concerning whether or not (as opposed to "how to" or "which is best") to get an e-mail account, or a website.  And these types of questions weren’t all from old foggies either.  In fact, I found the older attorneys who had been around long enough to have seen the dramatic changes in the legal industry/business were very often more receptive than the middle-aged attorneys who had been around long enough to feel comfortable, but not long enough to recognize that feeling was just in their imagination and the world in fact was passing them by.

Anyway the following new technology demonstration brought this all back to mind when a friend of mine sent it with the subject line: "Imagine 10 Years From Now"