BIG & FREE law firm marketing oppty w/ national media expos. 4 a few lawyers in Pinellas Co. Fla

I am looking for a FEW lawyers in Pinellas County, Florida to participate in a big project with some world class PR opportunities and very likely regional and national media exposure in it for you. 

I am ESPECIALLY interested in attracting solos & lawyers with small law firms experienced in bankruptcy, family law, immigration, criminal defense, employment law, PI and small business transactional attorneys.  I also have one spot open for an attorney who has experience dealing with County officials to obtain permits etc.

I am not able to share the details publicly yet.  What I can tell you is that this is part of an ambitious and well-financed National service project that will have some of the most influential names in the Country attached to it.  You may pick-up a few paying clients directly but the lawyers I am looking for are those who are smart enough to know that hitching your wagon to a National Star is a smart law firm marketing move to make.

If you are ready, willing and able to commit a total of about 10-20 hours of your time over a series of months beginning in late August, to get a few hundred thousand dollars of media exposure for yourself please send my assistant an email with just three letters KSA in the subject line.  In that email please tell me a little bit about yourself that's not obvious from your website and MJ will get in touch to schedule us for a telephone appointment to discuss the details of what's involved. 

There will be no cost or fee required from you to participate.  Just a little bit of your time and creativity.  But I only need a FEW lawyers for this project so email [email protected] TODAY!