Great, Free Virtual Assistance Services

OK, well maybe “free” could be open to misinterpretation.  Perhaps, Great, PROFITABLE Virtual Assistance Services would me more accurate.  Or maybe just “Why you’re a jerk if you don’t get yourself some help!” would be more appropo.  Let me explain. . .

I was first introduced to the whole concept of hiring a virtual assistant when I read Tim Ferris’ book “The 4 Hour Workweek” like everyone else.  And I experimented with the $2/hour VA’s in India, then moved up to the $5 VA’s in other parts of the world.  Then finally I met @LauraLeeSparks back in 2006 who FINALLY taught me how to make PROFITABLE use of a VA.

So here are a list of just SOME of the things my current $25/hour VA accomplished for me last week when I made that post

  1. Organized a Mastermind Meeting in Chicago.
  2. Fielded about a dozen calls for me to coordinate schedules and keep me profitably booked.
  3. Tracked down a person I was trying to meet in order to schedule us for a call “Hello this is MJ calling for RJon Robins” seems to go over better than “Hi this is me, can we talk?”
  4. Found me a new accountant.  Interviewed several.  Made recommendation.  Hired, managed provided everything he needed, hounded me for answers to his questions and is now paying him for me and making sure we get our returns back.
  5. Prepared cash-flow projections for my review.
  6. Initiated refund request for $200 sitting in elance escrow since 2007
  7. Prepared & sent bill for $1,500 for some expert witness work I did LAST YEAR.
  8. Nagged the shit out of me until I finally gave her some answers she needed in order to give some people the answers they needed from me that I’ve been dragging my feet on b/c I really don’t want to do the work but I should still give them an answer
  9. Handled EVERYTHING to do with my billings except final approvals

So let’s see, at $25/hour and if you want to disregard all the “makes my life easier because that’s crap I hate to do” type of tasks we’re still talking about more than $1,700 in actual CASH which pretty much paid for her services and the rest was FREE.

Now, why do I say you’re a jerk if you don’t get yourself some help?  Because that’s exactly how I felt every week knowing I had that money sitting out there but I was just too busy or it was too tedious to get around to collecting.  Not to mention that I am in such a better mood having all this off my plate that I am able to be a happier person for myself and my friends & family.

If you would like to learn more about how to find, screen, train, supervise and turn a profit on a virtual assistant be sure to sign up for my ezine and keep an eye out for a teleseminar on that topic if we get enough interest.