Little things mean ALOT to law firm clients (2 min video demonstration)

OK, so we all know that if we screw-up the terms of a contract, or a settlement agreement or even certain pleadings it can be legal malpractice.  But is there such a thing a law firm marketing malpractice?  There should be! 
Your law firm does NOT have to be fancy or expensive in order to put a client’s mind at ease. You do NOT have to spend a fortune for downtown address or designer anything to have a highly profitable law firm. 
Just take a few minutes tomorrow morning to walk into your office the way a potential new client would.  Park where they would park, ride the elevator they would ride.  Enter the office through the same door and spend a few minutes sitting quietly in your own reception area and think critically about what you see.  Here’s a short video to illustrate this point:

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