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To be honest I have no idea how this is applicable. You seem to say
that most lawyers have "bios that suck", but you dont even touch upon
how to write a correct one.  How would I go about doing that?


Hi Daniel,

The point of last week’s ezine was to get everyone thinking about what
they are trying to accomplish with the bios they use on their websites
& in their marketing materials and not to just copy all the poorly
written bios out there.  The point was to get you thinking about the
fact that (most) clients don’t really care about (most) of the things
that (most) lawyers see fit to write about in their bios.   So, if most
of your clients don’t care about most of the things that most lawyers
waste time writing about, then what DO they care about?  Hey, what am I
a mind reader?!?  Go out & ask them.

Pause. . .

Just looked at your website ". . . was formed specifically to change the community’s perception of what a
law firm can and should do for its clients. How do we do this? By
providing an attentiveness to each client’s specific legal issues while
simultaneously employing technology used by much larger firms to keep
costs to a minimum. We also go one step further than simply boasting of
personalized attention without backing up our claim. Each one our
clients receives secure access to our website, giving them the ability
to view the status of their matter at the time thats most convenient
for them. Why do all of this? Simply put, because every day we do our
vest best to change the way law is practiced…for the better."

Not a bad start – better than most.  But it doesn’t really tell me
anything about YOU.  I need to buy your story before I’m really going
to buy your law firm’s story.  Sorry to cut this short, but I have a
telephone appointment with a Bronze coaching client that’s starting in
a few minutes I need to prepare for.