Self-defeating marketing

I have to make this quick b/c it's late & I have to be a the San Antonio Bar Assn for tomorrow's workshop bright & early.  Funny story.

So one of the things I talk alot about is how marketing-when done right- should feel good.  It's not supposed to be the sort of thing you have to dread or apologize for.  Law firm marketing is something we do FOR our clients, not something we do TO them. 🙂

Self-defeating law firm marketing in action…

Day before yesterday I conducted a workshop for The Dallas Bar Association.  There were about 150 lawyers in the room.  I mention that because you have to imagine that with so many people in the room it's sometimes hard to see what everyone in the room is doing or even who is there.

Apparently one of the people in the audience was a person who was going around trying to drum-up some lawyer coaching business at MY workshop.  Funny becaues had she introduced herself to me I would have been happy to introduce her to the audience.  I mean, why wouldn't I do that for someone who is trying to grow her business, right? 

But think about the message it sends to her prospective clients about the way she's going to coach them to grow their law firms when her appoach is to sneak around like that obviously embarassed about what she was doing. 

I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THIS PERSON IS.   I only know what I know becuase several lawyers related similar stories to me about her antics.  I didn't ask them about her identity because I didn't/don't want to know.  That's not the point of this post.

The point of this post is to remind you that the way you get engaged by a client is as important as whether you get engaged by a client.

OK goodnight.  BTW, we don't have any seats left for the following masterminds weekends:

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