Why EVERY Lawyer Should Learn How To Make It Rain!!!

Even though
HowToMakeItRain.com is geared specifically for solos & lawyers in firms
with five or fewer attorneys, an associate who claims to be on the partnership
track at a mid-size regional firm recently sent me an e-mail asking why I feel
so strongly that every lawyer should learn how to make it rain.
Below is part of my answer:


Big law firm economics depend
on the associates or non-rainmaking partners to NOT NOTICE OR NOT MIND
the fact that they will bill dozens, maybe hundreds of hours doing the
substantive legal work while the Rainmaker enjoys an equal slice of the profits
from that client’s fee.

All because the Rainmaker knew how to get the client in the door, identify
their priority problem or opportunity, propose a course of action and reach
agreement as to the value of the services.

So the Rainmaker gets paid
about the same amount to help the client identify and figure out a logical plan
of action to solve their problems and maximize their opportunities, which the
clients appreciate; And the house pet has to spend countless hours executing
the Rainmaker’s plan. 


But they both share about
equally from that client’s fee. And which one do you think the client
appreciates more and will call the next time they themselves or one of their
friends, family members or clients have a problem or an opportunity?
(Rhetorical question)