Calling All Starving Real Estate Lawyers

If you are a real estate lawyer and you’re starving, then I want to speak with you.  Because of the recent and dramatic slowdown in the real estate market I’m encountering more & more real estate lawyers who are beginning to suffer.

  • If you’re having to tap into your savings or worse, into your line of credit to maintain your office.
  • If you’re struggling to find a way to keep your staff busy each week.
  • If you’ve already called-in every favor and gone back to the well enough times to know that it’s now dry.

If any of the above are at all familiar to you, then I want to speak with you. . . because I have some advice learned from the LAST TIME this happened in the late 1980’s that could literally make the difference between feast or famine for you and your family.  I may also have an opportunity that can generate some much-needed cash flow for you. . . and help your former clients too.

Interested?  Send me an e-mail to: [email protected] and tell me:

-What State you practice in.
-Approximately what percentage of your practice is Real Estate closings vs. the rest.
-How long you’ve been in your current practice.
-Approximately how many closings have you performed in the past 5 years.
-What is the approximate value of the average property you’ve handled legal work for.

Of course all information will be confidential & I’ll reply to let you know I’ve received the information and when we can schedule a no-charge telephone appointment.