Politically Incorrect

Peter Olson over at Solo In Chicago reminds us not to overlook niche & minority marketing opportunities.  Here’s my comment in support/response:

It’s a common misconception that a lawyer has to be a member of a minority group to market effectively to it. 

In fact, very often being percieved as an "outsider" offers a competitive advantage because of expectations of increased confidentiality, objectivity and as politically incorrect as this may be, the sometimes-accurate expectation that non-minority attorneys get more respect from other (closed-minded) non-minority attorneys.

Similarly -but not exactly the same- there are tons of overlooked opportunities every day for would-be-rainmakers who are members of any particular minority group to capitalize on their minority-status to make it rain amongst non-minorities who recognize that who you have representing you often makes as much of a difference to the outcome of your case, as its legal merits.