Small Law Firm Client Fee Agreements

I love Captn Crunch Cereal.  I also love to help clients.  Both are fun & tasty to dig right into aren’t they?  But in both cases we’re better off if we take a few minutes in the beginning to do a little preparation.  If you’re a lawyer, if you’re a fellow fan of Captn Crunch and if you like it when your small law firm makes alot of money and when your legal clients actually pay their bills, this video might be of some interest.. .

And now if you’re ready to learn how to implement some surprisingly simple systems and procedures that will help you get your small law firm to start to work for you, instead of the other way around.  And yes, how to get your clients to cheerfully sign your written engagement agreements (they’ll even be releived when you learn how to execute this mission-critical law firm management skill) then click HERE.