The art of starting, marketing & managing a successful law firm

I was speaking with my painting teacher today about the parallels between painting and my business of helping my fellow lawyers start, market & manage highly successful law firms.

We were talking about the "style" that's evolving in my painting, which is remarkably-similar to the style of my metal sculptures as well.  Because the style is what comes out of me naturally and authentically.  Does it require that I learn & practice certain skills?  Of course.  But regardless whether you love it or hate it, what you see is what you get.  And that's exactly how the owners of the most successful law firms approach their businesses too. (continued below…)

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You see, too many lawyers make the mistake of trying to create a distinction between who they are vs. what their law firm stands for.  The trouble with that is it's alot like driving a car by mashing the accelerator and then letting it coast.  Mashing the accelerator and then letting it coast.  Mashing the accelerator and then letting it coast.

When you're working "hard" to market and manage your law firm it's like you're mashing the accelerator.  But then when you get to do what you love to do, what you're probably best at, you don't have to work very hard and then running your law firm is actually FUN!

My art teacher was telling me that lots of artists make the same mistake.   They try to make their art into "something" instead of just letting it be a reflection of who they are.  She says that's why some very skilled artists are never able to create a collection while others sometimes even newcomers are able to find and explore their own unique style right away and soon find a market for their work.

I want to encourage you to think about what your law firm really stands for?  What do YOU really stand for?  Are the two in synch?