The most DANGEROUS place for a rainmaker to be

An excerpt from an email from a Gold Coaching & Mastermind Group Member. . .

[Regarding where he's been doing his networking & making presentations]

"I figured a lot of people might be interested in hearing this information, including fraternities and sororities, employers (to their employees), chambers of commerce, rotary clubs, and anywhere else people meet."

My Response. . .

"and anywhere else people meet" – Now here’s the part of your question that REALLY worries me.  “Anywhere”.  That’s a dangerous place for a Rainmaker to be.  Because it tends to be populated by “everyone”.  And if your message is calculated to appeal to them, then it’s never going to appeal to “anyone” and certainly not the all-important “someone” who is the individual that will hire you to save their very personal reputation, relationship, job, future, etc.

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