Top 10 Reasons Many Lawyers Don’t Give A Crap About Their Clients

My top ten reasons why many law firms seem not to give a crap about the client:

10. The billable hour. 

9. Serving the wrong clients.

8. Letting the mule work you, instead of you working the mule.

7. No systems or procedures in place to allow attorneys to focus on the fun stuff.

6. Culture of subservience prevalent in the legal community which breeds resentment amongst lawyers "serving" their clients instead of just helping them.

5. Poor cash management skills, inexperience using a trust account to avoid a/r problems and a generally screwed-up pricing strategy leading to a perpetual knot in the stomach, which is not conducive to truly giving a crap about anyone else.

4. Failure to see a connection between the business and the life the business is supposed to serve.

3. Most lawyers have never themselves been clients or if they have, then being lawyers they had a better insight into how the process works than the average client.

2. Too much time spent with other lawyers instead of mixing-it-up with non-lawyers in social, business and educational settings to get new ideas.

1. Lack of Rainmaking skills forcing lawyers to worry about how long or how much they can squeeze out of each case they have today because they don’t have confidence that their plan will deliver plenty more cases tomorrow.