What Do You Want To Know About Banner Advertising For Your Law Firm?

Here’s how it all started. . . A few months ago a Member of the Gold coaching program asked me to help him evaluate the effectiveness of his website and recommend improvements to his portfolio of banner ads.  A few days later I received a call from a lawyer I know about the same subject.

Curtis is licensed in Florida, Pennsylvania and Delaware, he was an influential partner a in a 100+ lawyer firm.

Anyway, Curtis called to tell me he had launched a new venture called whocanisue.com to educate prospective clients and then show these potential consumers of legal services a bunch of lawyer banner ads to choose from.  And he wanted me to help educate his lawyer-members-advertisers about how to recognize, appreciate and not settle for less than a world-class banner ad to display on the wcis website.

Over the Thanksgiving break Curtis prevailed upon me to organize a webinar on how to spot a good banner ad vs. what most lawyers settle for.   At first I was reluctant because I wasn’t convinced there would be enough demand.  But when Curtis said whocanisue would sponsor the event, I floated the idea around to subscribers and Members of the various coaching programs to gague interest.  And to make a long story short we’re now just about booked-to-capacity on the webinar with reservations.

BUT I HAVE A QUESTION I could use some help with as I adapt the proven criteria from my “Three P’s For Evaluating A Good Lawyer Advertisement” to online banner ads and for a webinar setting.  So if you are one of the next 17 lawyers to speak-up and send me an email to So here’s my question: What are your top three questions, areas of confusion or frustration when it comes to banner advertising for your law practice?