How to take a week off from your small law firm in just 2 hours

By now we all know that “Happy Lawyers Make More Money”. Nonetheless I’ll keep beating this drum forever because it’s so true. And even if you don’t know me, if you’re the owner of a small law firm or a solo lawyer I still want YOU to be a Happy Lawyer. So take a minute and a half to watch this video. . .

Now take a minute to plan your 2 hour “Staycation” for one weekday morning or afternoon next week. See if it doesn’t make you a happier, healthier and yes a wealthier lawyer! And if something “breaks” while you’re gone, come back with a renewed sense of purpose to learn How To Manage Your Small Law Firm. So you can have more of a life and have FUN being a lawyer.  BTW, for those keeping score, I left the dock at about noon.  Was back in the office by 3:30 with time to stop for a quick lunch by the marina.

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