Don't Be Fooled. EVERY Successful Rainmaker Is Out Here Marketing Our Law Firms!

One of the biggest problems that holds alot of lawyers back from effectively marketing their law firms is this notion that "if you're a good enough lawyer the clients will find you". Of course this little ditty doesn't hold up to even the slightest scrutiny does it?

"The Competition Myth"

Stephen & I argue all the time about all things law firm marketing. And I absolutely LOVE it whenever he breaks the tension by saying "Well, you know if we never disagreed then one of us would be redundant in this relationship" Right-on Stephen!

Alexis Martin Neely: NOT Full of Bullshit

So I have to say, there are ALOT of people going around talking alot of bullshit about what they "think" would, could or should work when it comes to marketing & managing a solo or small law firm. And I'm talking about REALLY marketing & managing it. As in doubling your revenues and totally transforming your business and your life.