Theif misses the jewels

So my car was broken into yesterday.  Someone broke my rear passenger side window & stole my GPS which I had (foolishly) left in plain sight mounted to my front windshield.  It took me a few minutes to realize the GPS was missing becuase the first thing I looked for was a couple of audio programs on CD's that I'd been listening to in the car.  Those are worth far more to me than the GPS.  And not just in some "ephemeral" way either.  I mean I invested way more to get those programs than I paid for the GPS.  Like on a magnitude of 10:1.

Ironic don't you think?  A person whose thinking runs along the lines of breaking into people's cars to steal electronics, looks right past an educational opportunity that could have taught him or her some things they could have put to use and turned their whole life around so they don't have to be breaking into people's cars.

Makes you stop & think about the opportunities that you are looking right past every day that could help you too.  In fact that's exactly what the experience did for me and voila I spotted ANOTHER great opportunity we're going to roll out in 2011 that will make my life alot easier and more fun.

What's right under your nose that you're not noticing?