What to do if clients don’t have money to pay for your valuable services

There are alot of people out there these days offering lawyers a set of ready-made
excuses for why their law firms are not as profitable as we'd like them
to be "in this economy".  But as you probably already know I'm married to a
professional artist.  So I get to go to some really great gallery opening. 
Some real "duds" too.  My FAVORITES are the galleries & openings
that remind me, no

Shove It Into My Face

that there is a TON of money out there

So Shame On ME

if I'm not willing to learn how to do what it takes to get some of it
for myself. 

Afterall, what we do helps

real people with real problems

, RIGHT!?!

I want to help YOU learn how to get the kinds of clients into your law
firm who CAN and WILL pay for your serv




I want to show YOU how to use some of my creative billing strategies to
enable clien

ts who NEED YOUR HELP to be able to afford your services.


Watch this (>>8:20 mins) video for PROOF that what I'm saying is

And then

at any point during the video you can click on it (video is interactive)
to learn more about a 100% no-risk opportunity opening up soon for the
first 50 attorneys who take action.  So you have NOTHING to lose.  And
think of all you could gain by learning how to Transform Your Small Law
Firm into the kind of fun & profitable law firm you always dreamed


p.s. Rest assured EVERTHING you have to "do what it takes" to get clients
to pay for your services, that I will show you, is 100% ethical & totally