How To Get A FREE Ticket To This Mastermind In Miami

There's been A LOT of excitement about an announcement I made last week to a very small group of lawyers who I know. 

But word has gotten-out so here it is for everyone to share: 

Microsoft and Lexis-Nexis are going to PAY ME, so that YOU can attend a live mastermind weekend with me for FREE!!!

Well, it's almost free.  You just have to buy something from Microsoft you probably would want to buy anyway for just $50.

As you know, I not only conduct amazing mastermind events I also practice what I preach and I consider it to be a very valuable investment of my time to attend and participate in them too.  I've NEVER enjoyed less than a 25% increase in my business after attending a well-run mastermind event.  And mine are better-than-average.  

I hope you take action on this opportunity TODAY because I don't know how long they're going to let me keep this offer open.



  • Free Live Mastermind Event For Solo/Small Law Firms


  • Limited Free Seats Available


  • Details Below How To Get a Free seat for yourself (and a guest)

Hi Janice,

Do you want to have something in common with Donald Trump, Lee Iacocca, Oprah Winfrey, Jack Welch and Bill Gates too? 

Throughout history the most successful individuals in every field of business have had one thing in common:  They've all participated in mastermind groups.

And every lawyer I know who has ever built a highly-successful law firm has too!

You don't have to harbor ambtions to build a "big" law firm to benefit from this experience.

Mastermind groups are for anyone who wants to take his or her business to the next level by leveraging the collective intelligence, experience, insights, and objectivity of other like-minded entrepreneurs in a formal structured way.

In the last couple of emails I've mentioned that I was headed to Lake Las Vegas for a mastermind event to work on my business. When's the last time you gave yourself the chance to do THAT?!?

  • You know how your car runs so much better when your mechanic gives it a good tune-up


  • You know how you feel so much more comfortable driving your car when you KNOW where you're going and that you have a full tank of gas to get you there?
  • You know how much more enjoyable the journey is when you've got good music on the radio and you're making good time on a clear road and everything's just working for you?

Masterminding is a very powerful experience.  I attribute every BIG breakthrough I've enjoyed in my business trajectory to my participation in mastermind events.  In point of fact my business has grown by no less than 25% each time within 6 months.  Like I said, when done right, it's a very powerful experience.

 I have traveled to four different states and even as far as Costa Rica to invest in myself for these experiences to grow my business.

The lawyers who have traveled to attend mastermind events I've facilitated for them, have all shared similarly-very-postive feedback about their experiences masterminding with me too in the "RJon-Style" I've developed over the years.

If you take your business seriously and if you are committed to your own self-improvemement then this is something you should really want to do for yourself.

I'm hosting a mastermind event in Miami, Florida. 

  • You and your spouse or significant other whose life and happiness is directly affected by your business will fly into Miami on Friday April 29th in time to join us for a welcome dinner that will begin at 6pm. 
  • We'll mastermind together all day Saturday April 30th and the morning of Sunday May 1st.  
  • We'll break about 2pm Sunday to give you time to catch a flight home and be back in the office Monday morning. 
  • Your life and business will be forever changed for the better and you'll return with so much  clarity, excitement and enthusiasm about the opportunities you'll make happen in the months that follow, that you'll want to burst!

How to get a FREE ticket. . .

As you know Microsoft is sponsoring me for a national speaking tour. 

Hundreds of lawyers around the Country have already said those workshops have been amongst the best, most substantive and most instantly-actionable and real-world programs they've ever attended for learning how to grow their law fims. 

Of course you can't talk about growing a law firm without at some point talking about technology.  So when we get to that part of the workshop we do spend about 15 minutes talking about the new Microsoft program that puts solo & small law firms on a better-than-level playing field with big law firms and their expensive IT infrastructure.

Soooo, I've managed to get Microsoft to agree to subsidize your ticket to this exclusive mastermind weekend event. 

That's right, as a customer of Microsoft's cloud-based Business Productivity Online Suite which gets you Outlook Exchange, Sharepoint, Live Meeting and Office Communicator all hosted in the cloud by Microsoft with military-grade security you will get a FREE TICKET for you and your significant-other to attend my Mastermind in Miami event desribed above. 

Normally I'd charge upwards of $5,000 for this sort of thing. 

But Microsoft is paying me far more than that as part of this tour.  So you can take advantage of this fact and attend for free.  Well, almost free.  Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Solution will run you $10/month with a 5 user minimum and no monthly contract.  BIG DEAL, RIGHT?

So to recap, you sign-up for the Microsoft program for just $10/month per user. 

You get Outlook Exchange hosted in the cloud so you and your whole team can share the firm's calendar, contacts, and have secure access to your email with a proper email address from anywhere. 

You get Sharepoint which is the program that every big law firm uses which allows everyone in the firm to share documents, templates, client files etc. except now you'll be able to access your military-grade-secured "server" in the cloud from anywhere you have internet access without the expense or risk of a physical machine and IT staff. 

You'll get 24/7 live tech support that I have to say is really great and they even call you back to be sure everything is working for you (amazing!). 

Plus you get Live Meeting which is Microsoft's version of GoToMeeting so you and your clients, co-counsel etc. can collaborate in real-time on documents by being able to share your screen or theirs. 

PLUS, PLUS, PLUS you get a $5,000 ticket for you and your significant other to attend a live mastermind event with me in Miami -FOR FREE – where the weather is quite nice and we may even be able to organize some fun activities too because there's no rule that says masterminding has to take place in a stuffy conference room to be effective!

The only "problem" with all of this is that space is limited and the Microsoft deal where they'll pay me to give you the business-strategy-building experience of a lifetime, it has an expiration date on it. 

I don't even want to tell you when that is becuase I don't want you to procrastinate on this exciting opportunity.

Here's what to do right now:

1. Call your significant other and tell him/her about this amazing chance to improve your business.  There's still plenty of time to get someone to watch the kids, the dog, the cat, etc.

2. Go to  to sign-up for the Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite described above.  This will take about 10 minutes so just grin & bear-it!

3. When you get your proof of purchase from Microsoft, email it to [email protected] with "Mastermind Weekend" in the subject line and she'll reply back to you with all the details of the hotel, etc. 


You'll want to book your flight in & out of Miami International Airport arriving no later than Friday April 29th around 4pm and unless you fall in love with South Florida's beautiful weather that time of year you will probably want to book your flight out Sunday anytime after about 5pm.

I'll look forward to working with you in person!!!


Remember, Masterminding is intense.  Fun.  But intense.  No crybabies allowed!