Starting A Law Firm

You Want Or Need To Start A Law Firm. 

Either it's because you're finally ready to take your future into your own hands and want to be "Captain of Your Own Ship"; or maybe you've run the numbers and realize that as owner of your own law firm you could be making alot more money than in your present position; or maybe you simply have no other choice. 

No matter what your primary motivation is, chances are I have probably helped another lawyer who is similarly-situated.  So I can probably help you too.  After all, I have helped probably more THOUSANDS of lawyers to start a law firm, than likely any other lawyer alive today.  Check my credentials, it's true!

And I Have Some Good News For You!  I am going to give you EVERYTHING you need for starting a law firm all right here, FOR FREE!

That's right, I can do this practically in my sleep by now. 

So I'm going to give you everything you need to start, market & manage your own successful law firm right here in this series of totally FREE videos. 

Plus in this video series I'm going to warn-you-off of The 3 Most Common, Costly & Humiliating Mistakes Most Of Us Made When Starting Our Own Law Firms. 

Which sadly for most of the lawyers you see around you, they STILL don't even realize they made these mistakes. 

In fact pretty soon after you watch these videos, you're going to be able to recognize how and why those lawyers actually wake up every day and keep making these costly mistakes that are holding them back. 

But if you will simply invest the time to watch this series of videos, take good notes and implement what I have to share with you, then you'll never have to give me or anyone else a dime to teach you how to do this.  Not if you don't want to. 

And best of all, you won't have to waste THOUSANDS of hours of your life and hundreds of thousands of dollars of opportunity cost.

Because you'll soon know how & why to avoid these easy-to-make/easy-to-avoid start-up law firm marketing & law practice management mistakes. It's all here for you.

But First I Have To Prepare You For The Bad News!  Because if you are not prepared to supplement your skills as a lawyer, with the skills necessary to start, market & manage the business of a law firm, then chances are very low that you will be successful.

OK, that's it.  You're not an idiot.  You already know you have to make a commitment to your future and so you're going to watch these videos, starting with the one right below. 

Starting a law practice doesn't get any easier than this:

(Note: This video is 12 minutes so give it a few minutes to load and enjoy a smooth viewing experience)

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