How to profit from pissed-off clients

Ed Poll recently made a post over at entitled "What do you do with a client complaint?" that's really worth reading. 

It inspired me to make the following comment. . .

Complaints can be a blessing for a law firm looking to boost revenues and the "Fun Factor" for attorneys & staff alike.

Give me a client who is either a raving fan or one that's hopping
mad any day before you fill my book of business with those who are
merely "satisfied". Satisfied clients are like a slow spreading disease
that presents no symptoms until one day it just up & kills you.

Raving fans tell you all the things you're doing right so you can
play to your strengths. Pissed-off clients, if you have the courage to
engage them as Ed suggests, will tell you what you have to do in order
to turn them into raving fans.

Great point, Ed!