What I Wish I Knew Then That I Know Now!

I Need Your Help!  I have been inundated with inquiries from lawyers seeking to open their own law firms.  And some of them are doing all the right things and have the right ideas about it.  But others are  woefully unprepared & worse, unrealistic about it.

So I've decided to create a totally FREE resource for them.  But I need your help to do it.  Let me explain. . .

If you are a solo lawyer or if you are the founding equity owner of your own small law firm I want to interview you.  Your name & identifying information will be edited-out to protect your privacy if you so choose.  I will ask you a little about yourself, your background etc. and then I will ask you to list the top ten things you wish you knew about opening your own law firm then, that you know now.

This will be given away for FREE to help others avoid the mistakes we made.  In other words to do for others what we all wish someone had taken the time to do for us when we were going solo.

If you are amenable to being interviewed please send MJ an email with "What I Wish I Knew Then" in the subject line together with a few of the best dates & times for you in the next week and she'll get us set up for a telephone appointment ([email protected].)  Be sure to specify your time zone~!

And as a way to say THANK YOU for helping me help them, I'll give you a couple of months FREE Membership in my Gold Mastermind & Coaching Program (normally $497/month – and WORTH IT, I might add!)

I PROMISE I'll make it FUN for you!

Also, be sure to sign up for the ezine for updates on the status of this worthwhile project.