An example of law firm marketing in action

OK so here's an example of what law firm marketing looks like in action.  I sent the following email to several lawyers I know in & around Atlanta.  One of them responded and at the very bottom is my explanation of what law firm marketing looks like in action:


On Sat, Aug 21, 2010 at 11:11 AM, RJon Robins <[email protected]>

Hello Hxxxxxxx,

  • I'm writing to ask if you or anyone you know is
    active with the Atlanta local bar association?  
  • And if so would you be willing to do me a favor
    that I think will be good for both of us?

 Background: Microsoft (yes that Microsoft) is interested
in featuring me in a series of small law firm management & marketing CLE
seminars they are going to sponsor around the Country.

They've asked me to select five local bar associations to support with a
Microsoft-sponsored CLE event.  The subject matter will be geared for
helping to grow more profitable, more predictable and more manageable solo
& small law firms.

But to get Microsoft's support the event must take place before the end of
this year. 

They're prepared to be quite generous in
terms of picking up the expenses, matching marketing dollars, supporting the
event with an event-specific website for registrations and promotions, lots
of door prizes  and letting the local
bar association keep all the revenues

Since you're in Atlanta I'm wondering if you might have an interest in being
the one to bring this golden CLE opportunity to your local Bar Association
for their consideration? 

(Note, this is NOT available for State
Bars;  Only local county and city Bars).

I'll have more details in a couple weeks but at this point we're at the stage
of deciding which are going to be the lucky 5 local bar associations to get
this program & you're literally one of the first people I've presented
this to as I just got the green light from Microsoft yesterday.

Please reply to let me know what you think.

If you agree this would be great for your local bar association let's act
fast because I know that next week many more than five others will be
presented this chance and the spots will be awarded on a
first-come/first-served basis.





From: Hxxxxxxxxxx Bxxxxx [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Saturday, August 21, 2010 2:46 PM
To: RJon Robins
Subject: Re: Atlanta Bar Association?


Hey.  Wouldn't you want to contact the Bar assn direct?
 Speak with the CLE director

of the Atlanta Bar.


Hello Hxxxxxxxx,


Thanks for the suggestion.  If none of our Members in or
around Atlanta wants the opportunity that’s what I’ll do.

But since it
doesn’t ‘cost’ me anything and may help a member of that bar association by
being the one to bring a fully-sponsored Microsoft-endorsed event to them on a
silver platter I wanted to share the wealth so-to-speak. 

Sort of like if
I was going to hire a law firm and I happened to know a lawyer who worked there. 
All things being equal I’d always rather get an introduction from a mutual
acquaintance especially when making the introduction helps the lawyer and
doesn’t hurt me at all.