The power of your big intentions

Tomorrow you're going to wake-up, get dressed, eat some breakfast and walk into your law firm full of big intentions

I know you have big intentions because you're reading this email right now.  Why else would you have subscribed to my ezine if you didn't have big intentions for your law firm, for your career and for your life, right?

But then something is going to happen:  You're going to encounter people without big intentions.  In fact two things are going to happen.  The other is that they're going to encounter you.

How you choose to respond or react or ignore or try to learn something from the way those people without big intentions…that's all up to you.

How they respond, react or ignite upon encountering you is pretty much out of your control.  But if you're not prepared for their reactions you could get distracted.

Case in point.  I was rececently treated in a way that I would describe as "unfair".  The details really aren't important. 

What IS important for purposes of our conversation is that at first I had an emotional reaction.  But then I remembered my own goals and my own big intentions.  And by comparison, what the other person said about me is really of no significance…unless I let it throw me off my game. 

That's why I am so emphatic about setting realistic goals for your law firm. 

Because when you attack each week armed with goals and plans and it's all fueled by your big intentions, when people without big intentions in their lives, when they get defensive and when they react because they feel threatened by your plans and by what you are doing in your life, it won't distract you as much.  I'm still working on "not at all"

Here's a five minute video on on how to set goals that will protect you from the small intentions of others.

Watch this video right now, do the exercise and then tell me if you don't have a more productive day tomorrow, and the next day and the next day and the day after that too!



p.s. IN case you know anyone who can benefit from this, we're opening a new "How To START A Successful Law Firm" coaching group pretty soon.  9 of the 24 spots are already taken.  I'm going to organize a Q & A conference call so keep your eye-out for that announcement coming soon.

p.p.s.  Watch that video & do the exercise!