How To “Buy” An Extra $50,000 of Profit For Your Small Law Firm.

A Little Background:  As you know I have a real "issue" with some of the bait & switch teleseminars & webinars that we get invited to as lawyers on a regular basis.  And as you can probably imagine I'm not the type to suffer in silence. 

So Ale gets to hear more than her fair share of my bitching & complaining about this problem. Because there's a legitimate business reason to offer free advice.  It's called "education based marketing" and it's very effective for lawyers to use for marketing our law firms. 

But what's not right is to lure someone to a teleseminar or to a video or to anything on the promise of a free sample of information and then just spend the whole time pitching them on hiring you.  Not good for the prospective client, not good for you and not good for the rest of us who sincerely do deliver good value as free sample to our prospective clients!

Anyway, so I will now dismount my soap box and share this substantive 10 minute video that Ale shot while we were driving back from a visit to my friend & mentor JR Phelps, Founding Director of The Florida Bar's Law Office Management Assistance Service.  As you will see, she used this chance to extract a sort of "mini seminar" out of me about how to "buy" an extra $50,000 of profit for your small law firm. (and by the way, don't worry if you're a solo with no staff yet.  That's sort of the point.)