Over-paying for information

I don't like paying for information.  Information isn't all that valuable.  Information isn't even very hard to get.  Message to lawyers and staff everywhere:  Stop Trying To Make A Profit On Information.

I'm ok paying for explanations.  Explanations save me time.   Explanations enable me to get more done in less time.  Message to lawyers and staff everywhere: Analyze the information for me and deliver it to me in the context of an explanation.  I'll pay you more for it and more cheerfully too.

What I really like to buy and pay for are solutions.  Solutions are worth alot of money to those of us who value our time and have productive ways to put it to use in our lives and in our businesses.  The value of a solution can be disproportionately-higher than the amount of information and analysis required to arrive at the solution.  I always prefer to pay for a solution and I don't mind one bit paying a premium for a conveniently-delivered solution.  Message to lawyers and staff:  If you want to get me excited about giving you alot of money and repeat business and referrals too, please don't bother me until you've explained the information to yourself and can come back to me with a proposal for a solution!