Start Your Own Sucessful Law Firm in 90 Days Or Less In 2010

"This guy is a genius at what he does and he has a passion for helping lawyers succeed and then thrive.

I had the privilege of participating in the first class of RJon's "Start Your Own Sucessful Law Firm in 90 Days Or Less" program in the first quarter of 2009.

This incredible 12 week experience covered everything you need to open a law firm.

have been in private practice for more than 25 years, and thought I
knew it all. I was so wrong. This was the best business learning
experience I ever had, and I was amazed I had missed so much.

has a no BS way of putting theory into practice and a proven track
record for helping law firms thrive and not just survive [with] common
sense explanations of what you can accomplish with a law practice to
have real work/life balance.

Oh, and when you talk to RJon, ask him to explain about the mule. . .

can see that I am a big fan. I wish this program was available in 1977
— I would have been able to avoid a lot of business mistakes over the
years. You have got to talk to this guy. You won't regret it."

Richard Wohltman, Attorney at Law

If you are serious about starting your own law firm in 2010 I'm serious about helping you do it right. 

program is also appropriate for lawyers who have opened a law firm
within the past 12 months; IF you're prepared to chalk-up some or,
depending on what we discover, all of that as a "learning experience"
and set yourself up for long-term success.

program is all about IMPLEMENTATION, and not just a bunch of theories
in a book.  And certainly not just a bunch of plattitudes or "tips"
from some lawyer you don't know on a blog somewhere who has maybe
opened one successful law firm in his or her whole life.

Instead The
way THIS program will work is that first I will send you the audio cd
recordings from all 12 weeks (more than 25 audio cd's), and several
hundred pages of samples, examples, templates, tools and homework
assignments turned in by other lawyers who have gone through the
program before you. 

Each week you'll listen to the lessons on your own and take a stab at implementation. 

week we'll have a group call to answer your questions, provide the
benefit of the group's best objective advice & feedback on the
merit of some of your ideas. 

And you'll
be surprised to discover the methods by which we can be effective at
holding you accountable for implementation of all of the steps that I
know from experience make the difference between flailing-about for the
next 20 years in a law firm built on a weak foundation, vs. setting
yourself for success by getting yourself organized and firmly grounded
from the start. 

You'll also enjoy access
to a private discussion forum to exchange ideas with your fellow group
members and of course it will be moderated by me. 

is an important distinction between some of the "free" blogs and
discussion forums out there where you can sometimes, pick up a tidbit
here or a good idea there. 

The distinction is two-fold:

  • First
    of all you're all going to be implementing a SYSTEM and not just trying
    to put your business together like a quilt made up of scraps of
    information.  And not just any system, but a proven system from a
    proven authority on the subject (me!)
  • Second
    of all, it's really important to PROTECT YOURSELF from bad advice.  I
    don't know how else to say this but the fact of the matter is that many
    of the lawyers who are most active in some of the more popular
    discussion forums are losers.  Not all of them of course.  But enough
    of them that you have to be careful not to become infected by some of
    their nice-sounding politically-correct ideas that don't actually work
    and can hurt you in this place I like to live in called "The Real

Of course you're
welcome to try to figure it all out on your own with the benefit of
snippets of advice you may pick-up online, or read a few of the books
out there on this subject. 

But this
program is only open for 25 lawyers per quarter.  So if you do decide
to to try those other resources and if you fail at them, I'd encourage
you to fail quickly so you still have time to come back and do it right
with us.

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Here's one more.  I have dozens of these you can sit around reading. 
But why not experience it for yourself and write one instead?

setting up my practice. . . RJon walked me through the process of
setting up my business plan, my marketing plan, trust handling,
procedures and developing financial projections. Mr. Robins customized
his advice to compliment my personal interests and values. Together we
developed a plan and a system I can easily manage. A million thanks.?

-Lori Re? Attorney at Law

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