What Seth Godin Thinks About The Small Law Firm Management & Marketing Coaching Program

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Disclaimer:  I don't know Seth Godin.  I've read most of his books, more than once.  I exchanged a personal email with him two years ago.  And a client/friend of mine spent five full days in a private meeting with Mr. Godin in his New York office talking about some very exciting and very "BIG" ideas that two months later we're still debriefing her about to extract every morsel of information & insight because he's Just So Damn Insightful!

We're about to close down enrollment for two different coaching programs.  One is for lawyers who are thinking about it or have recently started a law firm.  And it's dawned on you that there's something "Broken" about the modern legal education curricula in most law schools

This program is called "How To Start A Successful Law Firm In 90 Days Or Less" and our first group meeting is the first week in October so I have to close down enrollment Friday September 24, 2010 to allow my team to do what they do to run the program for us.

The second program is for lawyers who are ALREADY RUNNING your own successful law firm and so you know all too well that there is indeed something Broken about our legal industry.  Because running your own law firm should be fun.  And profitable.  And it should make you happy.  Because happy lawyers really DO make more money. 

One of the things that's "Broken" in our industry, by the way, is too-many-lawyers operating with the Broken Belief that profits in a law firm are the result of hard work. 

That's a pretty unhappy way to go through a career.  Clients and our families hate it too. 

Instead, profit comes from creating value.  And value is not a function of how many hours you sacrifice to the business.

The second program is my "Small Law Firm Management & Marketing Bootcamp" that you can learn more about by following that link.  In order to give everyone plenty of my personal attention I have to close down enrollment in this one too this Friday September 24th. 

"Sometimes the best thing to do is to break it on purpose for the people
you don't care about, so that it makes more sense for the people you do

That's a quote from Mr. Godin's video below.  I share it with you here because I want to let you know that my coaching programs are Broken. 

But they're Broken on purpose. 

And I offer a 100% Guarantee to protect you and to protect me, in case you decide to enroll and discover the program you enrolled in isn't Broken in just the right way for YOU. 

Either way, part of the reason I have to close down enrollment is because I can only "on-board" 12 at a time into either program. 

And the other part of the reason is that the "on-boarding" process involves you & me having a private one-on-one talk. 

That way we can both be sure the program you select is perfectly Broken in all the right ways for who you are, how you like to learn, where you're at today with your law practice and where you want it to take you.

OK, so enjoy the video.  It's GREAT!

Seth Godin at Gel 2006 from Gel Conference on Vimeo.


p.s. If you DON'T agree this video is great, I'd still encourage you to take advantage of some of the free resources sprinkled throughout my various websites.  But there's a good chance you're just going to think my programs are just plain "broken".