Are you going to get ahead or fall behind in 2010?

Disclaimer:  This is almost a verbatim quote from Corporate CEO Coach Mike Myatt.  The only thing I have done is change "Corporation" & "CEO" to "law firm" & "lawyer" where appropriate to make the point stick better for ya'

You don't grow a law firm by shrinking it. The key to growth
is not to fall into decline; hopefully not by default, but certainly
not by design. If your 2010 plan is one that involves constriction,
contraction, shrinkage or retraction, you should note that this is not
what your law firm's clients and prospects are looking for.

Do you think
your clients will be impressed that you're law firm is cutting staff, shrinking
marketing budgets, eliminating service lines or any other item that
they perceive as a limiting factor in your ability to help or add
value? Know this: your clients and prospects will never see any form of
bunker mentality as being beneficial to them
. One of the great business
myths is the theory of "remaining flat" – it simply is not possible. A law firm grows or shrinks – it gains ground on competitors, or loses
ground to them
. So my question to you is this: What are you
specifically going to do in 2010 to better serve your clients, to
continue acquiring and developing talent, to build your brand, and to
grow your law firm?