I’m proud to say I could be a MUCH better lawyer

I am proud to say I could be a MUCH better lawyer.

If only I spent more of my time practicing law and less of my time unlocking the enormous potential stored up in most small law firms. 

Which is surprisingly un-complicated to do, by the way

It's sort of like when a client comes into your office with a very challenging problem (to them) but since you've seen the exact same problem a hundred times before.

You're able to easily spot and diagnose the problem, recognize the opportunity and proscribe a course of action that will improve the situation.  I mean, after all, isn't this EXACTLY what you do every day?


This Should Come As A Relief To Every Lawyer

There are actually only a few tools, strategies, skills and techniques which separate the Top 5% most successful lawyers from the rest of 95% of all lawyers in private practice today. 

And they're all relatively easy to learn and apply.  They make a huge difference in every practice area, in every market I've implemented them in.  If you're not already doing everything we're going to discuss during Thursday's talk then any one of these strategies, tools, tactics or techniques could substantially improve your practice even in the current economic climate. 


On Thursday December 3, 2009 at 3pm Eastern I'm hosting a LIVE Talk entitled "What's GREAT About Most Small Law Firms" during which I'm going to explain exactly how to transform your law practice and transform your life for the better in 2010.  Or else you get to press *6 and call "bull shit". This talk is free to owners of small firms, their significant others' and law students.

Great, RJon please reserve a spot for me

to participate  LIVE  in this talk!

Who This Talk Is (and is not) For:

If you are ALREADY doing very well in your law practice (grossing at least $400,000 per attorney; doing work that energizes you; and have sufficient time to enjoy it all with your friends & family) then I want to especially invite you to register for the LIVE TALK we?re going to have this Thursday. 

During this talk I'm going to review 12 Steps Every Lawyer Can Take To Make 2010 EVEN BETTER than 2009. I will be taking your questions and providing real-world, no b.s. substantive answers.  The cost is FREE because I want to give you a taste that will pique your interest in a brand new program I'll be announcing briefly at the end of the call.

 If you are doing pretty good in your law practice (at least 2 out of 3 of the above) then I want you to feel very much welcome to listen to the 12 Steps I'm going to cover.  And then ask me any questions you have about how to apply them to more effectively manage and market your own law firm so you can transform your law firm and your life for the better, in 2010. 

The lawyers who are in the category above already know that "Small Hinges Can Swing Big Doors".  I'd like you to join us for FREE too, because I know that our new program (which will be limited to just 25 Members in the first Quarter so I can give everyone plenty of personal attention) has the power to substantively help you in some unexpected ways that I will touch briefly upon during Thursday's talk.

I'm doing pretty good. 

But I know I can do better in 2010. 

Please sign me up to participate in your talk.

If you are being eaten alive by your law practice but you are enthusiastically prepared to make some changes because you know you want to have a better practice and a better life, then I'd really like you to make plans now to participate in this talk. 

Because I love helping lawyers who are working hard to help themselves.  And I love to see the immediate tangible improvements in a lawyer's personal and professional life when they begin to implement some of the 12 Steps we're going to cover this Thursday at 3pm Eastern Standard. 

The call is scheduled for 90 minutes and will be divided roughly into two parts.  The first 60 minutes will be for me to lay-out the "big picture of these 12 Steps.  The remaining 30 minutes will be for your questions and my no-b.s., practical, I've helped thousands of lawyers so I don't have time to waste on politically-correct answers that I already know they don't work in the real world. 

If you've ever been on anyone else's so called "free teleseminar" before and been disappointed that it was nothing more than a thinly-veiled infomercial this will be a welcome if surprising breath of fresh air.  (Note:  I have NEVER offered a teleseminar that didn't offer at least a dozen substantive pieces of real-world, practical advice)

This could be just what I've been telling my spouse I've been looking for to be a happier lawyer who makes more money and has more fun.  I really need to be on this call!

If you are convinced that it is a lawyer's lot in life to struggle financially, with under-appreciative clients and to sacrifice your personal life "in service to your firm and its clients" then I would respectfully ask that you NOT reserve a spot for yourself for this talk. 

Because what we will be discussing during will likely offend or upset you.  And I will not restrain myself from calling it exactly as I have seen it, likely a hundred times before in my ten years experience during which I have helped literally several THOUSAND lawyers and professional legal administrators with virtually every kind of law firm management, law firm marketing, "help my law firm is eating me alive" type of issue you can probably imagine.   

By the way, in case you're wondering if I go out of my way to be politically-incorrect the answer is "no, I do not".  It just so happens that there is a ton of politically-correct-sounding bull shit being shoveled down lawyers' throats under the guise of "professionalism". 

So let me take this opportunity to assure you that every single thing I will discuss in this talk will meet or more likely exceed the highest standards of professionalism. 

In fact, one of the things I take perverse pleasure in is showing how some of the more "p.c." advice we are told as young lawyers actually leads to some of the most UN-professional conduct by lawyers who end up getting themselves painted into a corner by it. 

If you've ever struggled to reconcile profit and professionalism and you miss this call, what can I say but remind you of an old joke I'm sure you've heard before. 

There's a flood and some poor fool who is hanging on by his fingernails above the rising waters turns-down offers from a helicopter, a boat and a guy on a mattress floating by underneath him.  And when the poor fool gets to heaven and asks why he was forsaken the Almightly says "You jerk, what else was I supposed to do I sent you a helicopter, a boat & even floated a mattress under your nose!?!??"  

So, no I don't go out of my way to be politically-incorrect.  But neither do I have much patience left to suffer the advice of some of the fools whose unworkable bull shit I read online in some of the blogs & discussion forms for lawyers out there. 

Screw you, RJon!  Who the "F" do you think you are talking to me this way?  Don't you know I'm an important person and that the stick up my ass smells from roses!

If you are a new lawyer or even still in law school then I REALLY want you to listen and pay attention to what we share during this talk. 

Because it's going to be a unique glimpse for you into the real world, of what it REALLY takes to have a REALLY successful law firm. 

And a lot of what we're going to discuss will very likely CONTRADICT some of the advice you may have heard from your law school professors or even recruitment lawyers from firms that may be courting you.

Yes, I am a law student or a new lawyer and I'd definitely like to be able to participate and ask questions on this call!  In fact I've already learned a few things just by reading this email that they didn't bother to teach us in law school.  Holy frijole am I ever excited!

Let's see, who am I missing?  Oh yes, if you are the spouse of an attorney who is spending too many hours in his or her law firm without enough financial success, professional self-respect or personal joy to show for it then I'd welcome your input too during this Thursday's talk. 

Even if your own attorney cannot (or will not) make the time to learn these 12 Steps any lawyer can take in 2010 to transform his or her small law firm, or even a solo law practice, into a highly-profitable and reliable generator of predictable income. 

RJon, I am the spouse or significant other of an attorney and I am going to do my damndest to be sure he or she participates in your talk.  This sounds like just what s/he needs!


Depending of course on how many and how good the questions are on this call you should reasonably expect to learn at least something about each of the following:

  • How to attract great clients who will happily pay premium fees instead of acquiescing to clients who shop on price.

  • How to motivate your best clients to return for more business and/or refer more great clients to you so that you can fill your pipeline with better clients and crowd-out the trouble-makers.

  • How to get other lawyers and even non-lawyers to predictably refer thousands of dollars to your small firm every month so you can gain enough confidence to soon fire all your "D" & "F" clients.

  • How to logically, rationally and objectively evaluate every advertisement BEFORE you spend money on it to ensure maximum return on your investment.

  • How to translate 'Accountingese' into plain English and learn the Six (6) Key Numbers you MUST watch every week  in your small law firm in order to squeeze-out every ounce of profit instead of working twice as hard to earn half as much.

But 'just' bringing in more business isn't going to do you any good in your personal life, even if it is better business for which you earn more money if the law firm can't handle the extra work.  So were ALSO going to talk about:

  • How to find and fix the biggest time wasters in your small law firm so you can focus more of your attention on the highest & best use of your time and stop doing the work of an over-qualified secretary.

  • How to understand and make practical use of your understanding the difference between a law office management 'policy' vs. a law office management 'procedure' and which policies and which procedures must be fixed first if you're ever going to get a good night's sleep.

  • How to know when, which and how to confidently delegate responsibilities in a small law firm so that you don't get into trouble with your clients, the bar or cash-flow.  (Hint: This has nothing to do with having 'faith' in 'good people' ?!)

And I know from too many years of experience with too many lawyers that none of this practical, real-world, money-making, marriage-saving information is going to do any lawyer any good unless we ALSO help you get your head straight about having an appropriate relationship with your law firm, your family and your self-image as a lawyer too. 

Because there are a TON of really screwed-up 'politically correct' admonitions being foisted upon us as a profession about what it REALLY means to be a 'professional'. 

So ESPECIALLY for all the spouses of attorneys who will be participating in this talk, I'm going to expose The Most Dangerous Thing they try and brainwash us all with in law school and during most of the mandatory CLE programs we have to pay to attend. 

This little ditty is the root cause of more lawyer-divorces than anything else. 

Once you and your spouse can speak openly & honestly about this 'Head Trip' they put us all through, almost like magic you'll probably find yourselves getting along better AND you'll begin making more money. Because happy lawyers really do make more money.  But it's the 'happy' that has to come first. After this talk you'll understand exactly why it is so important and liberating when you get this right and so dangerous to waste years of your life trying to work this formula backwards.

[Hint: If you're NOT hearing enough of what you're most interested in, press *6 to 'raise your hand' & ASK!]

Yes, Yes, Yes I want to register to be on this call!


That's all for now.  I look forward to either your hate mail or speaking with you during Thursday's talk.


– RJon


p.s. If you're not getting any 'hate mail' you're not trying hard enough.  Seriously, if there aren't at least a couple of other lawyers who 'hate' you for your success you're probably falling short of your potential.  The only opinions that matter are those of your clients who pay your bills, come back again & again and pay you the highest compliment of referring others to you for help.