Some advice they SHOULD have taught you in law school.

OK, you know I say that happy lawyers make more money, right?  And if you watch my video ezines on a regular basis you know I am a very happy lawyer!  So I want you to know, that I know, that what I have to say below is a bit how shall we call it, "aggressive"?  But I'm just so sick & tired of lawyers calling me to help clean-up a mess that could, no SHOULD have been avoided in the first place! I promise that as soon as I get this off my chest I'll go back to my normal happy-go-lucky optimistic self.  But a call I received this morning just put me over the edge.  So I figured I'd use it as a teaching opportunity and share a valuable free gift at the end of this blog post.

Here's the Cliff-Notes version of this morning's call:

"Please help me.  I'm really a very good lawyer but I can't seem to make enough money.  I'm working my ass off but I just seem to keep getting farther & farther behind trying to run my law firm & it's taking [or has taken] all the FUN out of being a lawyer."

"OK" I said, " I can help you.  To start off with tell me what you did to prepare yourself to start, market & manage your own law firm?"

"Well, I read a bunch of blog posts and I read a book."

Now here's what I REALLY want to say sometimes"What are you a total f'in idiot?  You studied for thousands of hours to become a competent-enough lawyer for someone to give you a bar license.  And then you practiced for tens-of-thousands of hours more to become a great lawyer.  And it never occurred to you that it "might" just be a good idea to invest more than only a few hours on only a few random law firm marketing blogs and read only one thin book to learn how to actually start, market & manage the BUSINESS of a law firm?!?!"

Of Course That's Not You.  You're smarter than that.  Which is why you read my blog.  And why you've invested in one of my 100% money-back GUARANTEED programs to prepare yourself for the practical realities of how to start a successful law firm of your own

Or else you've at least invested in one of my other programs for lawyers who believed the LIES they told us in law school and likely in our first jobs out of law school that "Just be a great lawyer & everything else will take care of itself."

Here's a free sample.  Just a little taste to whet your appetite for more information about how to market a law firm and how to manage a small law firm.  To DEMONSTRATE why I am so safe in offering a 100% money-back guarantee because with even just a little bit of the "right" information it's so damn easy to dramatically improve the performance of a small law firm.  Enjoy~~>

(Note:  This video is more than an hour long.  Full of real-world, money-making, stress-reducing, happy-lawyer-making advice & answers to questions posed to me by a class of students studying law firm marketing & law practice management.  GIVE IT A FEW MINUTES TO LOAD.)

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